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Educational Institutions - Today, academic institutions are experiencing significant changes and increasingly must manage resources more effectively. At the same time, students' needs are evolving, and the way students consume academic services is also changing radically.
At smartAcademic, we design and develop a new generation of intelligent solutions, specifically tailored for academic institutions, that address some of those challenges and importantly, create new opportunities for both students and faculties.
We have extensive experience in Australian academic institutions.
Our Solutions - We capture the essential knowledge about a faculty that differentiates it from other institutions. We exploit this knowledge to develop an engaging, meaningful and personalised experience for students.
We analyse how students interact with academic services, providing key insight in student preferences, behaviours and needs, in order to discover actionable knowledge that can be effectively used to enhance student experience.
Our solutions are available,
  • for in-house deployment,
  • as "software as a service" (SaaS) on cloud,
  • therefore faculties do not need additional computer hardware or personnels,
  • available on all popular devices (smartphones, tablets and desktops).
We have extensive experience in Australian academic institutions and proven capabilities in innovation and successful development of IT solutions using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Recommendation Systems, Decision Support Systems, Smart Search, Cloud Computing, Intelligent Agents, Knowledge-based Systems, etc. (please see The Innovation Team).

We offer the following Specialised Educational Products/Services:

Intelligent Degree Planner
Planning a degree requires understanding its structure, knowing any specific rules and regulations, finding out relevant courses, understanding requirements (prerequisites, corequisites, etc), finding out when courses are offered, etc. Often, students need to consider many possible alternatives, majors, minors, etc. This can be a daunting task for new first year students as well as for senior students who want to change their plans as their interests and industry demands evolve.
We designed and developed an innovative solution that captures the knowledge required for planning a degree, including useful insights from academic advisors in the faculty. The automated Intelligent Degree Planner goes through the entire process of planning a degree, helps in selecting suitable courses, majors, minors, and provides insightful feedback. It makes sure that all degree, course and timetabling requirements are satisfied.
Interacting with the Intelligent Degree Planner has the flavour of talking with an academic advisor. It provides insightful feedback and allows students to quickly explore many alternatives, reducing possible attrition and drop-out rates. It offers students an informed, stress-free and engaging experience.
And of course, our Intelligent Degree Planner is available 24/7 on all devices (smartphones, tablets and desktops ).
Analytics for Academic institutions
Today businesses are extensively using analytics to gain insight into customer behaviour, to identify inefficiencies, and to drive business planning in order to achieve competitive advantages. However, the use of analytics in higher education institutions is still in its infancy. Business analytics approaches are not enough to effectively solve the problems that academic institutions face.
We have a deep understanding of both analytics and higher education institutions , and a proven track record in innovating intelligent systems.
At smartAcademic, we have designed and developed innovative Analytics for Academic Institutions, that can provide faculties fact-based insight into student profiles (both real and aspirational), how they align to the current offerings of courses and degree programs, identify courses and degree programs that may need special attention, identify inefficiencies in order to make informed decisions about resources, etc.
In addition, our solution uses fact-based analysis to proactively identify students who may be at risk of failing or dropping out, so that they can receive suitable help. It can also efficiently identify possible prospective students.
By combining our extensive knowledge of academic institutions with expertise in analytics, we have developed unique analysis techniques that can help academic institutions to achieve both:
  • increase in student satisfaction and
  • increase in revenue.
The product is user-centric, allowing an academic/administrator to quickly identify, act and importantly follow-up on issues of interest. It's very different to generating a bunch of static statistical reports, and manually acting on them.
All you need to do is talk to us!
Intelligent Degree Finder
Nowadays a majority of users discover what a faculty offers by visiting the website and if they don't quickly find what they are looking for, they often use site-search. However, it is often hard to find, navigate and exploit the rich information available from the complex overlapping hierarchical structures of the websites. This experience is very different to a user talking with an academic or administrative advisor, who is well equipped to answer even poorly-defined queries and importantly, may also provide additional relevant information that may prove useful to both a user and the faculty. The difference is often due to information overload and a user’s inability to pick “right” search words.
At smartAcademic, to address the above challenge, we combine the power of latest search technologies with an "Expert Agent" that knows about the faculty's program/course offerings and intelligently guides users to what they need. This experience is very different to using a traditional site-search or a chatbot, as it has the flavour of talking with an academic or administrative advisor.
The Agent evolves and adapts to user needs over time, by analysing their interactions.
Intelligent First Year Advisor for Selecting Courses 
Today most programs are highly flexible; unfortunately this flexibility also introduces complexity in the process of selecting appropriate courses in first year. New students need to know all the required "complex" program rules, course dependences, timetable availability, etc. in order to select most suitable courses. The problem worsens when students are not sure which major/minor they might later be interested in, and they need to select courses in first year that are suitable for more than one major/minor!
Intelligent First Year Advisor is developed to address exactly the above scenario. The online intelligent advisor captures all the required program rules, course dependancies, timetable availabilities, and helps students select courses that are suitable for multiple majors/minors. The tool helps students to select suitable courses even under some uncertainty of their preferences for a major/minor. This tool can significantly improve student experience, decrease student inquiries, and importantly decrease "costly" mistakes by students in selecting courses that may not prove useful later in the program.
studentAssist (an Intelligent Information Agent)
The innovative approach combines the power of latest search technologies with an "Expert Agent" that knows about a specific task(s) and intelligently guides users to what they need, e.g. student enrolment task, student orientation, student services/activities, etc.
And yes, our Intelligent Information Agent is available 24/7 on all devices (smartphones, tablets and desktops ).
Customised Software Solutions for Academic Institutions
We can design and develop, in a very short time, highly customised software solutions for academic institutions.
We have,
  • extensive experience in Australian academic institutions,
  • proven capabilities in innovation and successful development of IT solutions,
  • expertise in latest advanced technologies like Smart Search, Cloud Computing, Intelligent Agents, Big Data Analytics, Knowledge-based Systems, Advanced Database Systems, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of:
    • Analytic software (R, SAS Enterprise Miner, SPSS),
    • Web Services (Apache, Tomcat, Java, PHP, javascript, jQuery, etc.),
    • Databases systems (MySQL, SQL, Oracle, etc.),
    • Programming Languages (C, Java, Python, Perl)
    • and many more.

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